Belgum Family

In a time of holiday giving, when thankfulness and giving abounds, we’d like to take a moment to be thankful for a new gift we recently received at Minnewaska Community Health Services. We recently hired Megan Belgum, our new HR Director.

We do our best to make our employees feel at home and give our workplace a warm and welcoming feeling. Since she has started, we’ve asked Megan a little about her new position and how she feels about working at MCHS:

Name & Position: Megan Belgum Director of Human Resources

What brought you to the area?
I grew up in Hoffman, MN and moved to attend college. My hope was to move back closer to home after school, and I have lived in Starbuck for about 3 years now.

What caused you to pursue a career at MCHS?
I chose MCHS because it has a great reputation as a growing organization and I really like the community. I value the ability to serve the communities that are important to me, and I really like living in a small town and being close to home.

Originally I was thinking about nursing, but decided it was not for me. I’m a SCSU graduate in International Business and Spanish and started my career in recruitment and HR in manufacturing. I switched to healthcare to serve people that are making a difference.

What is your favorite part of your job so far?
Getting to know the staff, everybody is very welcoming. I love working with people – and HR as a whole.

What tips do you have for people considering the Healthcare Profession?
There are so many different paths and options in healthcare and such a broad range of opportunities – from direct care, to more behind the scenes office support and management. There are so many scholarship opportunities within long term care careers and in healthcare. There are reimbursement programs as well – a lot of benefits that people don’t consider and maybe aren’t aware of. As people continue to age, there are going to be more people to take care of and fewer to care for them – wages will continue to rise.

Is there a part of your job that stands out to you – that you think people should know about?
At MCHS, you can tell that everyone cares about everyone as a person, they don’t just consider it a job. That’s my favorite part.